Medically Assisted Procreation

Medically Assisted Procreation

Medically Assisted Procreation was the subject of a workshop organized by the Honoris Medical Simulation Center in collaboration with Clinique La Rose - Fertilia on July 07, 2023. During this workshop, 20 Algerian gynecologists were welcomed at the Medical Simulation Center to take part in a workshop on embryo transfer and oocyte puncture involving the use of advanced simulators (PICKUPSIM & VIRTAMED)


  Oocyte Puncture 


    Embryo Transfer






7 October 2018

Inauguration du 1er centre de simulation médicale en Afrique du Nord

Description Le réseau Honoris United Universities capitalise sur la santé en Tunisie. Il s’apprête dans ce cadre à inaugurer le...
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