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A Shared Vision

Honoris United Universities is the first Pan-African network of private universities and schools dedicated to preparing and educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals, able to impact regionally in a globalized world.

At Honoris United Universities, we believe in Africa’s future and in its potential for human and economic development. Africa is a continent whose main wealth is its human and natural diversity.

  1. Creation of EMSI

    Creation of EMSI

    Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur, by group of university professors Dr. Bargach El Fatimi, Dr. Jawad Khayat, Dr. Kamal Daissaoui and Mr. Zouhair Benabbou. EMSI is a pioneering engineering school with a strong focus on innovation since decades in order to serve the need of nation builders engineers.

  2. Creation of the IMSET in Tunis

    Creation of the IMSET in Tunis

    Institut Maghrébin des Sciences et Techniques – it is the first private institute for technical and vocational training in Tunisia. Founded by Slah and Chédia Ben Turkia.

  3. Creation of Mancosa

    Creation of Mancosa

    Management College of South Africa by Pr Yusuf Karodia with an eminent group of professors. It was created as an autonomous institution following the end of apartheid and offers a management education, both accessible and affordable.

  4. Creation of Regent Business School

    Creation of Regent Business School by Pr Yusuf Karodia with a group of leading academics.

  5. Université Centrale is established in Tunis

    Université Centrale is established in Tunis

    The first multi-diciplinary university of Tunisia founded by Slah and Chédia Ben Tukia

  6. Creation of Académie d’Arts de Carthage

    Creation of Académie d’Arts de Carthage

    A vocational Arts and Design school; part of Université Centrale Group.

  7. Mundiapolis 

    Mundiapolis is created as the first private multidisciplinary university campus in Casablanca

    Mundiapolis is created as the first private multidisciplinary university campus in Casablanca via a merger of three pioneering schools: Polyfinance (business), IMADE (law), and EMIAE (engineering). The founders, Mr. Lotfi El Eulj and a group of Moroccan entrepreneurs amongst which Mr. Abdelaziz Lahlou, are commited to the development of primary, secondary and higher education in Morocco.

  8. Phase I

    Phase I

    Actis identifies the Francophone “beacon” markets in Northern Africa. It enters into the first agreement with Université Centrale Group in Tunisia to build the platform in partnership with Chédia and Slah Ben Turkia, the founders. Slah Ben Turkia becomes the first CEO of the platform.

  9. Phase II

    Phase II

    Expansion to Morocco via Université Mundiapolis, creating a Francophone northern Africa Hub. Mundiapolis is renowed for its employability programme accross the region and is one of the most international universities in the country. Its multiple partnerships with French and American universities add to its standards and credentials.

  10. From July 2017

    From July 2017

    Honoris United Universities established as the overarching initiative to develop and to empower pan-African higher education graduates. Recruitment of diverse, world class management to support future development and expansion, including the appointment of Luis Lopez as CEO who brings with him international experience and a strong track record as a builder of Laureate International Universities.

    Phase III

    Expansion to South Africa, anchoring the platform in an important Anglophone beacon market in the continent by partnering with Management College of Southern Africa (better known as “Mancosa”) and Regent Business School (pending regulatory approval). Together, Mancosa and Regent are South Africa’s leading private distance learning institutions, focused on providing accredited, accessible and affordable education.
    Defining strategic agreement (pending regulatory approval) in Morocco among Honoris United Universities and Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur, (known as EMSI locally). EMSI is the largest private higher education institution in the country and the leading private engineering school in Morocco. Honoris United Universities establishes itself as the largest private higher educator in the country.


  11. In November 2018

    From July 2017

    Honoris United Universities, announced three major developments.
    The UPSAT Group, pioneer of paramedic training in Tunisia joins the network and world-class Medical Simulation Centre opens at the heart of Tunis, firmly cementing Honoris as a leading provider of health education in North Africa.
    École d’Architecture de Casablanca (EAC) formally becomes a member of Honoris in Morocco. EAC is a highly distinguished and the first private school of architecture to be recognized by the State of Morocco in Casablanca.

    In February 2018

    Honoris United Universities, announced that École Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur (EMSI) – Morocco, and YKBS a leading business school in Mauritius, formally joined the network as member institutions. With these institutions, Honoris United Universities reafrms its status as the referential pan-African education organization focused on nurturing the next generation of African leaders and professionals.

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