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Center Director

Center Director

Pr. Chadli Dziri

Opened on November 10th, 2018, Honoris Medical Simulation Center offers multi-disciplinary clinical training and education using simulators with high and low fidelity for all levels of healthcare providers (physicians, nurses and students) and also for workers coming from other enterprises to learn how to manage emergent situations and basic life support before the arrival of the first rescue.

At the same time, Honoris Medical Simulation Center offers to Eshmoun Clinical Research, an academic CRO (contract research organization), and an appropriate environment for training on Clinical Research fields.

The mission of Honoris Medical Simulation Center (MSC) is to provide innovative ongoing professional development for various healthcare professionals. Our vision is that all medical and nursing fields ‘students have an opportunity to pursue their education using medical simulation. All the African physicians, irrespective of specialty, in the private or public sector, have also an opportunity to pursue their continuing medical education using medical simulation. Our values include excellence, honesty, integrity, passion for teaching through medical simulation and transparency.