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Founded on November 10, 2018 The Honoris’ cutting edge purpose-built Medical Simulation Centre is located in the heart of Tunis, and developed in coordination with international experts, using advanced technologies to create an impressive 2500 m2 siteee.




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10 May 2024

The AFFS Pre-Congress Day

The AFFS Pre-Congress Day AFFS is the African Federation of Fertility Societies, it has chosen this year to organize its...
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12 July 2023

Medically Assisted Procreation

Medically Assisted Procreation Medically Assisted Procreation was the subject of a workshop organized by the Honoris Medical Simulation Center in...
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18 May 2023

Initiation to Basic First Aid / The International Maarif School

Initiation to basic first aid In order to develop first aid at school and to stimulate the enthusiasm of the...
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