Mission, vision & values

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Medical Simulation Center (MSC) is

  • To provide cutting edge ongoing professional development for various healthcare professionals.
  • To offer a continuous professional development in the domain of health that focuses on the know-how relating to healthcare givers.

Our Vision

The vision of the MSC is :


  • All the medical and nursing fields students have an opportunity to pursue their education using medical simulation.
  • All the African doctors, irrespective of specialty, in the private or public sector, have an opportunity to pursue their continuing medical education using medical simulation.

Our Values

Our values include: Excellence, honesty, integrity, passion for teaching through medical simulation and transparency.

Augmented reality

Since the pandemic Covid-19, we have decided to switch toward augmented reality if necessary.

Students enrolled

The feed-back of students provide us to improve the quality of education.

Our projects

From the beginning we are seeking for a high level of education through medical simulation (new technology, Simulation on the pigs and augmented reality)