From basic training to multi-purpose nursing during 1988, Ms Hachicha has worked for ten years in the ophthalmology department as an instrumentalist in the operating theatre. In 2001, she graduated as a paramedical professor following a presentation and training programme at the educational center for training health executives, which enabled her to join the Higher Institute of Nursing Sciences in Tunis. At this institute she taught nursing techniques using low-fidelity mannequins and procedural equipment for technical gestures and nursing diagnostics. She also oversaw internships and end-of-study projects for students at the end of their training and was responsible for their in-house practical work. She participated in a basic medical master class seminar from May 12 to 16, 2014 at the University of Paris Descartes for theoretical training, learning to develop scenarios, attend simulation sessions and practice some workshops. In addition, she participated in the 1st Medical Simulation Congress 2015 on April 24 and 25, 2015 at the Monastir Science Palace for additional theoretical training on different types of stitches. In 2019, Ms Hachicha attended a simulation training seminar organized by the HONORIS simulation center in Tunis, which enabled her to integrate and function as a part of a team of simulation trainers this year while participating in the simulation training for the following functions: • installation of a nasogastric probe • cardiorespiratory arrest • peripheral venous catheter


Nurse's State Degree Diploma of paramedical professor, first cycle (Health Frameworks Training Center). Diploma of paramedical professor, second cycle (Health Frameworks Training Center).