Ms Ben Yaghlène has a Diploma in Higher Technician in Anesthesia and Resuscitation (1992), a Diploma of Professor of Paramedical Education (2012) and a Master's degree in Critical Care Management Course in Emergency. She practiced at the Salah Azeiz Institute as a senior technician in resuscitation anesthesia in the general surgery operating theatre. Following her success in the National Paramedic Teachers' Competition, she trained in teaching pedagogy at the National Health Executive Education Centre. Currently, she is a Professor of Paramedical Education in Resuscitation Anesthesia section at the Higher School of Health Sciences and Techniques in Tunis. She teaches practical work and directed care techniques in reanimation anesthesia based on procedural simulation. Her experience of high-fidelity simulation began in 2017 following a Masterclass in Medical Simulation training she attended at the Institute of Health Trades. To enhance her knowledge in high-fidelity simulation, she pursued further studies at the Monastir Graduate School of Health Sciences and Techniques and obtained the Certificate of Further Studies (CEC) of ‘Simulation in Health Sciences’ in 2018. These training courses in medical simulation as well as her experience as a Professor of Paramedical Education have made her an excellent addition to the training team at the Medical Simulation Center since 2018. Ms Ben Yaghlène was a member of the Organization and Development of the end of study project at the Tunis Superior School of Health Sciences and Technologies and had previously been a member of the Reference System Development Committee of professional activities of Anesthesia. In 2016, She gave an oral presentation at the World Congress of Nurse Anesthetists (WCNA) in Glasgow, UK, titled “The experiences of Spinal Anesthesia and Patient Satisfaction”. In 2017, she organized and presented a low fidelity simulation workshop titled “Implantable catheter chamber manipulation” at the Tunisian Association of Anesthesia and Reanimation Technicians. In 2018, she received the 1st prize for a poster presented at the 3rd Health Sciences Research conference, entitled 'The violence in emergencies: what is the relationship between a caregiver’s professional exhaustion and exposure to violence”.


Superior Technician of Public Health Degree(Superior School of Health Sciences and Technologies of Tunis). Professor of Paramedical Education Degree(National Center for Pedagogical Training of Health Frameworks) .