After her basic training as a senior technician in anesthesia resuscitation promotion, Ms. Chbinou worked as an anesthetist for 20 years at Charles Nicolle Tunis Hospital. Following a success in a national competition and pedagogical training at the Health Executive Training Centre, she received a paramedical teacher's degree in 2012 and since then she has been teaching resuscitation anesthesia care techniques at the Tunis Graduate School of Health Sciences and Techniques, in which, simulation teaching is one of the basics. Regarding her experience at the MSC, she has two main responsibilities – providing theoretical and practical training for students of the 2nd and 3rd year students of anesthesia resuscitation, and theoretical teaching based on the presentation of courses within the school. The practical training has three components: animation of practical work sessions at the school, accompanying and mentoring students in the training grounds, and animation of high-fidelity simulation sessions in the simulation center of the faculty of medicine in Tunis (an activity that has become compulsory in the training curriculum of students). She also works at the Private Central Higher School of Paramedical Sciences and Health in which she performs  the same tasks. Ms Chbinou has completed multiple certifications since Competing her Advanced Technicians’ course in Anesthesiology. In 2009, she completed one in hospital coordination for the retrieval and transplant of organs, and two in continued training of Advanced Technicians in Anesthesiology. In addition to her work as a paramedical professor, she serves as a hospital coordinator in organ retrieval, a member of several committees including the committees of the development and coordination of the reference framework for the professional activities of Anaesthesia. She also gave an oral presentation at the World Congress of Nurse Anesthetists (WCNA) in Glasgow, UK, titled “The experiences of Spinal Anesthesia and Patient Satisfaction”. She has continuously enhanced her qualifications and abilities in the field of medical simulation, through academic studies and courses, making her a valuable asset to the team of trainers at the medical simulation center from its inception.


Superior Technician in Reanimation Anesthesia degree (Tunis School of Medicine). Paramedic degree(National Center for Educational Training of Health Executives of Tunis) .