Ibrahim AMARA

  • Speciality: MSC Pedagogical Coordinator
  • Expertise: Neonatal intensive care, Medical simulation and scenario programming on a high-fidelity simulator
  • Length of Work: since 2010
  • Email: bamara@tn.honoris.net
  • Phone: +216 27 246 716


Mr Amara is an indispensable part of the MSC team, and has animated more than 200 medical simulation workshops by planning, preparing the simulation environment (simulation rooms, equipment, instruments) and participating in the pedagogical follow-up of the sessions. His experience in medical simulation began in 2015, when he was the coordinator of Nursing at the Ecole Centrale Santé where he operated several low fidelity patient simulators such as Nursing Anne, Nursing Kid, Nursing Baby, Little Anne (First Aid), Baby Anne (First Aid), and Birth Noelle via SimPad (obstetrics). He is also the Task Trainer for: • Adult intubation head, Infant intubation head, and Neonatal Intubation Head (Anesthesia) • Perfusion arm, Buttock for intramuscular injection, and Bladder Care and Survey Pool (Nursing) • Automatic Training Defibrillator (First Aid) • Delivery Pelvis (Obstetrics) Subsequently, his experience expanded with the First Aid Equipment Company (EPS) in 2016, as a technical-commercial consultant in: • Installation, handling and selection of simulators for customers. • Sales promotion and customer portfolio management. • Transfer of scientific information to health professionals. • Assistance in the design of medical simulation centers. In his current role, he is involved in the design and construction phase of the center. He places orders for all the simulators, consumables, medical devices and medical furniture. He was actively involved in instituting a quality management system at the MSC under the supervision of the Director. He planned the medical simulation sessions for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. He also programmed 9 scenarios via the Laerdal learning application LLEAP for Honoris students and clinic care executives: -Cardio-respiratory arrest -Naso-gastric intubation -Post-partum hemorrhage -Normal delivery -Taking care of a patient after surgery -Managing a patient with chest drainage -Difficult intubation -The chamber of error -Management of a tracheotomized patient. He assisted the trainers in the operation of high-fidelity embryo transfer simulators and egg puncture during the medically assisted procreation workshop with African gynecologists


Senior Public Health Technician in Pediatrics (Superior School of Health Sciences and Techniques -Tunis)