Ms. Trabelsi has a long career than spans more than four decades including 13 years dedicated to medical simulation. She began her career in 1979 when she started working as Advanced Technician in Midwifery at the Tunis Maternity and Neonatology Center where she worked until 2007. She started working as a paramedical professor at the Tunis Superior School of Health Sciences and Technologies in 2005, and actively participated in setting up the internship book, completion of data sheets for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year obstetrics, supervision and proposal of graduation project topics, and was a member of the end of study project. At the same school, she served as a coordinator of medical secretary and documentation section from 2005 to 2010, where she was responsible for the establishment of course tables with teachers, follow-up of courses, distribution and follow-up of students in internship fields, and monitoring and mentoring of graduation project topics. She simultaneously worked as a paramedical professor at the Central University Group Paramedical School, where she taught nursing, documentation, pediatrics, and various other subjects to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students. At the same school, she founded an obstetrics section and served as the coordinator for the obstetrics and nursing science sections. In 2007, Ms Trabelsi completed a pedagogical training internship at the School of Midwives in Nancy, France which also included training in the implementation of courses and the distribution of internships according to the objectives established, and training on the delivery simulator. She has also participated at scientific conferences, at the continuing education program of the Association of midwives, and the orientation in the choice of continuing training subjects at the association level of young midwives. At the Medical Simulation Center Tunis, she underwent a training on simulation and the use of the high-fidelity simulator "SIMONE". At the Center, she was involved in preparing and documenting normal birthing techniques for cephalic presentation. She also prepared the scenario and documented the technique to be followed in case of postpartum hemorrhage during delivery. Ms Trabelsi was involved in preparation of a scenario of a parturient with a pre-eclampsia to be performed on the simulator. She has also been preparing the scenario of a birth in a breach position to be carried out on the simulator. At the Central Tunis University, Ms Trabelsi demonstrated various clinical examination techniques on the gynecological practice model ''Noelle''. She also demonstrated and implemented gynecological examination techniques using different types of pregnant uterus at different stages of pregnancy. She conducted cervical exploration examination using the appropriate equipment and was involved in demonstration of exploration of an obstetrical bone basin by explaining the different straits and their diameters. Ms Trabelsi was instrumental in organizing training workshop and the demonstration of the different stages of fetal birthing in cephalic presentation using the practical application dummy ''Noelle''. She conducted a workshop on artificial delivery with a uterine revision on a practical application dummy. Ms Trabelsi has also conducted seminars and workshops on breast self-palpation and demonstration of a breast examination to identify a nodule using a practical application bust. She was also involved in demonstration of First Aid to a newborn during childbirth on a suitable dummy and conducting a clinical examination of a normal newborn and looking for malformations.


Diploma in Obstetrics (Tunis Medical School). Diploma of Professor of Paramedical Education (Tunis Health Education Center)