Prof. Guermazi’s career spans a total of 35 years including a dedicated year to medical simulation. He served as the president of the Clinical Hematology, Biological Hematology and Immunology College from 2010 to 2017. He has been serving as the Head of Department of the Hematology Laboratory at the Charles Nicolle Hospital since 2010. He has also been serving as the Head of the Department of Basic Sciences A at the Tunis School of Medicine and as a member of the Scientific Council. In addition to the degrees he has earned, Prof. Guermazi has also completed internships in France. From 1986 to 1988, he completed an internship at the Hematology Laboratory of Pr. Samama at the Hôtel-Dieu de Paris Hospital for advanced training in hemostasis. From 1988 to 1990, he completed an internship at the Leuco-Platelet Immunology Laboratory of Pr. Bierling at the Blood Transfusion Center of Créteil, France. He has been a professor at the School of Medicine in Tunis since 1990, and a Professor at the Hospital University since 2011. His experience in controlled teaching methods include: • Mass student involvement in teaching in the form of lectures • Teaching in small groups in the form of clinical cases and clinical cases simulating real-life situations • Animation of interactive directed work with students • Animation of practical work on blood transfusion and immunohematology, blood and spinal cytology, exploration of hemostasis, hemorrhagic and thrombotic diseases. • Transfusion training of medical residents with each new promotion taking place at the hospital every 6 months. • Animation of seminars and workshops within the framework of the learned societies of hematology, clinical biology, internal medicine, gynecology, reanimation anesthesia.


State Doctorate Diploma in Medicine (Tunis School of Medicine) University degree in Hematology (Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris) University diploma of Blood Transfusion (Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris) Diploma of In-depth Studies in Immunogenetics, Immunobiotechnology, and Blood Transfusion (Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris) Specialty Diploma in Clinical Biology option Biological Hematology (Tunis School of Medicine)