Chedia Ben MANSOUR


Ms Ben Mansour worked as a registered midwife for fifteen years, through which she developed technical and communication skills and benefited from several trainings with the National Office of Family and Population, as well as national and international organizations. With certifications such as Professional Master in Critical Care Management, Master Class Medical Simulation, and Certificate of Complementary Studies in Health Sciences Simulation, she has an excellent theoretical and practical skills in critical care management, learning pedagogy, communication and management. Ms Zorgati has participated in multiple workshops and conferences including a workshop organized by the Ministry of Health and the UNFPA on “the analysis of competent staff in the practice of midwife in some Arab countries” and other regarding Family Planning and Reproductive Health. In her work at the Tunis Superior School of Health Sciences and Technologies in the Obstetrics Section, she has served as the general pedagogical coordinator of the Obstetrics Section since 2013 where she was responsible for the review of the training program, representation of the school at the level of workshops related to Midwifery, Pedagogical coordination of teaching modules and organisation and planning of internships and practical evaluations. She has also served as a member of several committees related to Obstetrics and Midwifery. Her experience as a health science teacher, and accompanying students during internships, made her a strong advocate for diversifying learning methods due to the constraints and complexity of learning in a clinical setting. She has used aspects of simulation such as simple handcrafted tools and role-playing in her teaching for years and now actively uses medical simulation as her primary teaching method. Currently she advocates the value of high-fidelity simulation, which has become an essential teaching method that allows students to confront situations they will have to face, before taking charge of real patients. She thus guides students in the process of reasoning and management in a clinical setting, as well as teaches them to manage complex, stress-generating situations, which is often seen in clinical situations. Following her training in Quality Management and more specifically on the Program for the Harmonization of Administration, Research and Teaching at Tunis El Manar University, she ensures that the highest quality standards are being met while branching into the latest directions of higher education.


Diploma of Superior Technician in Obstetrics (Faculty of Medicine of Sousse). Diploma of Professor of Paramedical Education (National Center for Pedagogical Training of Health Frameworks of Tunis).